The Beauty of Nature

.Autumn colors blanket Snake Creek canyon in Northern Utah, Part of the Wasatch Mountains.
The Beauty of Nature

Here is another example of a file that could have easily been deleted, we are just now getting to the end of autumn in my area, but this is not an image from a month ago, this image sat on my computer hard drive for 11 years, each time I looked at it I wondered what I was thinking, then decided that I must have been thinking something, but what?

As we learn new techniques it opens up new possibilities, but new techniques is not enough, perhaps our vision changes, we see new possibilities for old subjects. I think this is one of those old subjects, we have not had a real vibrant autumn for a few years, some years when it is good the colors only last for a few days, maybe a couple of weeks, other times it lasts for a month or longer, and who knows why.

Back when I did a ton of portraits autumn was always the hot time of year, everyone wanted their portraits done in the fall colors, I would spend hours scouting locations that would work for different sized groups, then start chasing color, as it would end in one location it would just be getting beautiful in another. I would make appointments days in advance, and some years I had to cancel those appointments because the color would just be gone, maybe a freak snow storm, maybe rain or hail would knock the leaves off, but I digress.

On this particular autumn I had taken my truck and ventured into the mountains of the Wasatch looking for color, I got a few photographs that I was happy with, but more that I was not, and in this case, right now I cannot for the life of me remember why I was not happy with it, it could have been because while it had possibilities, those possibilities that I recognized those years ago, I couldn’t see them because of my lack of knowledge on processing images.

When digital first came out, and it was obvious that  film was going to be a thing of the past several of us jumped on the digital bandwagon. It opened new possibilities, I could now retouch my portraits saving my customers several dollars just to get rid of a couple of pimples, or a scraped cheek, but color was another story, and it was difficult to get good, accurate colors with the software that was available to us at the time. I found myself disappointed with the color more than once, and I did everything right, I shot in RAW, I used a white card to get my white balance because “if you start with a good white balance everything else will fall into place” not true for the time, and if you weren’t a “Photoshop” guru you were lost. Now you can get good color right out of the camera…or can you, perhaps that comes with learning new techniques, that somehow seam second nature now after 14 years of working with digital files.

On this image, as I looked at it for the umpteenth time I seen some possibilities for it, and having a whole new arsenal of technique I could make that vision that I had those many years ago come to life.

I guess the point is, if you have the vision never stop learning new technique to help that vision see the light of day.

As always I hope you have a great day, I hope you enjoy my images, and I hope  your day is a picture perfect day!!!


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