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First Snow Jackson from Teton Pass

First Snow Jackson from Teton Pass
This year we took a trip to the Teton valley of Idaho hopping to catch the autumn colors in that part of the country, and Yellowstone National Park, the colors were in full swing, but as luck would have it the weather was dark, gray, and the skies were overcast, and it rained off and on, since the weather was bad and the clouds hung low over the mountains that surround the valley we decided to take a trip over the Teton pass, and into Jackson.
 As we traveled up the pass through patches of fog, it had snowed through the night,  and there were a few places where the road was slick, traffic moved slowly up the winding road through the thick patches of fog and snow covered turns.
As we neared the top the fog began to clear, and there was a little sun trying to break through the clouds that hung over the Teton mountains.
As the sun pierced the clouds, and glided across the valley floor you could see the late autumn colors that blanketed Jackson hole, and…