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Your not really going to delete those files are you?!

Northern Monarch
Ok so you have been out photographing, you've come home and downloaded the images on your card, or had your film developed. Hopefully you don't leave those images on that card! Now that you have looked at the photographs you thought were the real keepers, the ones you just couldn't wait to see, now what?
If you are like me, and I would think most people are, you pick out the ones that were exactly what you thought they would be and sent them off to the printer excitedly waiting for them to arrive. But what about the other images, you know, the ones you didn't even take the time to look at, what about them? Do you delete those files to make room for more images on your hard drive?
I know I may be bad, but I don't delete anything, I have three external hard drives that are loaded with images.  Some I have never even bothered to look at, others absolutely need to be deleted, you know the ones that are out of focus, or blurry because it was low light and …

Before you doubt yourself doubt your software!

I have never really photographed a lot of  panoramic landscapes.  I did a few back in the days when you had to blend and align them yourself, but until recently I never tried the automated process in programs like Photoshop.  Depending on the program, however, you may get vastly different results.
I ventured into the local mountains a few days ago, set up the camera, made all of the necessary adjustments in camera and proceeded to take a series of images to blend together for one of my new panoramic images.  The process went flawlessly because I had taken the time to do things right in the camera on site.
Pleased with the results I left early one morning to take more photos.  Unfortunately there was not a very pretty sky so I decided to just take a panoramic of the valley where I live. I set up the camera in the same way, took all of the same precautions necessary to insure perfect exposure with enough overlap for the software to properly blend the images. When I tried to stitch them…