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The Amazing World We Live In

The Amazing World We Live In
Recently my wife and I decided to take a short trip to Utah's BryceCanyon.
We wanted to go when there was snow on the red rocks, so we kept checking the weather, waiting to hear of snow storms, wile snow is not real common in southern Utah, it does snow at Bryce Canyon, which is really not a canyon, but rather a series of "Amphitheatres"  made up of columns called Hoodoos, that make a kind of arch around the cliff face.
The fact that Bryce canyon sits at just over 8000 feet means it does get snow, but this year was a different year for snow in all of Utah, we never did hear of snow storms, but time was running out for us to make a winter trip, so we booked our stay at Ruby's Inn, in Bryce Canyon City, and took our chances, as luck would have it the day we arrived it had been snowing all that day, and through the night, visibility was about 15 feet, and foggy, since we only had two full days, and a morning on the third day it did not look …