The Amazing World We Live In

The Amazing World We Live In

Recently my wife and I decided to take a short trip to Utah's Bryce Canyon.

We wanted to go when there was snow on the red rocks, so we kept checking the weather, waiting to hear of snow storms, wile snow is not real common in southern Utah, it does snow at Bryce Canyon, which is really not a canyon, but rather a series of "Amphitheatres"  made up of columns called Hoodoos, that make a kind of arch around the cliff face.

The fact that Bryce canyon sits at just over 8000 feet means it does get snow, but this year was a different year for snow in all of Utah, we never did hear of snow storms, but time was running out for us to make a winter trip, so we booked our stay at Ruby's Inn, in Bryce Canyon City, and took our chances, as luck would have it the day we arrived it had been snowing all that day, and through the night, visibility was about 15 feet, and foggy, since we only had two full days, and a morning on the third day it did not look good for photography, we drove around the area surrounding Bryce, made a strip to Escalante for lunch, and drove back to the same snow storm.

The next morning looked about the same, and I was beginning to think I would never get any snow photos, visibility was still poor, we decided to make the most of our trip so we headed west, to the town of Panguitch Utah, we stopped at the Flying M Coffee shop for lunch, if you like old fashioned hamburgers, the kind that are actually fried on a grill, and loaded with all the good stuff, on a great bun, and French fries to match you need to stop here for lunch if you find yourself in Panguitch.

As we left Panguitch and headed back to Bryce the skies began to clear, and by evening the sun was able to just peak through the clouds, highlighting some of the hoodoos, along with Boat mesa, it was beautiful!

The next morning, before we had to leave for home we got up early, looked out the window to check the weather, it look promising so we headed for Bryce Point to try and catch some morning light.

As I stood there in the blowing wind, in mid calf  snow, I set up the camera for panoramic photos, doing so I felt the cold wind on my bald head, and realized I had just donated my hat to the canyon floor!!

Standing there in the cold, just before sunrise the colors began to snow themselves, blue, turning to a kind of salmon color just above the horizon, it was so beautiful I almost forgot to take photos, the beauty of this world we live in always leaves me in awe and wonder!

I hope you all find the beauty you are looking for in this amazing world!!!

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TL Mair.


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