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Timp Over Sandy Baker Pass

Timp over Sandy Baker Pass

It was cold when we left the house, even colder once we arrived at the parking lot high up in the Wasatch mountains of Utah.
My sons and I had planned on doing a morning elk hunt,  we packed what we needed, and only what we needed, because of that I decided to leave my tripod at home, never a good idea, but one it seams that is always made when you know you’re going to be hiking where the air is thin, and the hills are steep.
We made our way in the dark up and around  a short section of the Great western trail, suitable only for foot traffic, and mountain bikes, not even elk use the trail as it turns out.
I will admit I had to stop several times along the hike to rest and catch my breath. Yes it’s steep, and I am not as young, or in shape as I used to be, oh the ravages of time, once near the top, and almost on what is known as “The Ant Knolls” we stopped to take a break, I guess the hike was wearing on all of us by that time.
As we sat there in the cold wai…

The Old Bull

The Old Bull\

A few years ago my son Jason, and I took a road trip to Yellowstone National Park, we loaded up my old 1974 Chevrolet Corvette, which as it turns out isn’t the most comfortable car to travel in.
Our plan was to take a tent, and sleeping bags, and stay at KOA campgrounds as we went, after all we had done this in the past riding on motorcycles.
The first night we stayed in Victor ID. We got there, found the campground, and set up our tent, went into town to find something to eat, and returned to the campground, expecting to get at least some what of a good nights rest. It was terrible! The only thing we could figure is you get beat up a lot more traveling in a 1974 corvette, with those hip hugging seats than you do riding on a motorcycle, we never slept well, and everything hurt. The next morning my son called his wife, and had her book a cabin at the next stop which was in Cody Wy. Our plan was to travel through Yellowstone from the south entrance, go out the north east e…