"Heaven Born"

Earlier this year my wife and I took a trip to Wyoming to a place near the Salt River where I knew Trumpeter swans liked to congregate.

We stopped on our way to the motel, but the sun was high and the light was bad, it looked promising so the next morning we got up early and headed out, we arrived before the sun was up, and that gave me time to get set up, and ready, then the waiting, there were swans already there on the water, but I wanted swans in flight, after a while I thought they weren't going to show up, then way off in the distance you could hear the distinctive call of the Trumpeter, then one came in, then another, but all singles, after a wile there were more and more swans on the water, all of a sudden they all started calling, thundering loud, then off again in the distance you could hear trumpeting, and here came this pair flying around above me, they were being called in by the swans that were on the water, once they landed they did a little "triumph ceremony" and then got quiet again, just honking once in a wile, we sat and watched them for about an hour, then my wife informed me she was hungry so off to McDonalds for breakfast, I love being out there with God's creations!!

I think these are some of the most graceful, and beautiful birds on the planet, I just love to watch them.
I call this one "Heaven Born" I hope you enjoy it!



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