Mukilteo Lighthouse #2

Mukilteo Lighthouse #2

Recently on our first trip to northern Washington state my wife and I had decided to stay on Whidbey island.

 to get to Whidbey island you have two choices, you take the ferry from Mukilteo, or you drive an extra 30 miles by going up the Burlington, then crossing the bridge, we were staying in Coupeville, and taking the ferry seemed to be the shortest distance, and my wife was looking forward to taking a ferry, neither of us had ever had that experience.
The first night we stayed in Seattle, then drove up to Mukilteo to check out how to get on the ferry, and everything involved with that.

While we were at Mukilteo Kena, my wife, had heard about a place called Ivar's, she had been told to not eat inside but rather to eat out under the awning so we could watch the ferries come and go, turns out there are more than one Ivar's and this one was not the one with the outside seating.

After checking out the ferry, and eating dinner we decided to take a look around, so we headed over to the beach, there is a park there called Mukilteo Lighthouse park, I had never heard of it, and it was a short walk from Ivar's, so we walked across the street and down the short road to the parking lot, from that location we could see the ferries crossing from Whidbey island, and as the name suggests they have a lighthouse, I was intrigued by the shape of the lighthouse, I had never see lighthouses with such short towers on them, kind of a cool design I think, anyway stormy skies had blown in and the sun was setting, as "my" luck would have it my camera was in the car waaaay over by the ferry parking area so we headed over to get it, on the bright side I didn't have to sit there impatiently waiting for the color to show its self in the clouds, but I did have to run to get to the car.

We drove back to the parking lot at the park, got the camera out and set up and this glorious sky began to show, the reds of the setting sun reflected from the stormy clouds that had built over the Possession sound.

The Mukilteo Lighthouse was built in 1905, and became operational in 1906, this lighthouse it built of wood, rather than the traditional brick and concrete, in 2001 the coast guard deeded the lighthouse to the city of Mukilteo.

In hind sight I should have just had the camera with me, and I should have anticipated the sunset, but in my defense Washington was in the midst of a drought, and who would have thought it would rain while we were there.

I will be sharing more of our trip to Washington in the future, here is an HDR image of the Lighthouse at Mukilteo Washington, I love the look of the Lighthouse, and I love the sky I was blessed to see on this trip.

I hope you enjoy it, and make sure you stop by the Lighthouse if you ever find yourself in Mukilteo Washington.


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