Evening at Friday Harbor

Evening at Friday Harbor

One of the things we did during our stay on Whidbey island is take a ferry from Anacortes to San Juan Island.
We booked reservations on the ferry, we had been told if we wanted to actually make it to San Juan we should get reservations because it is a very popular destination, they were correct, glad we made the reservations, which was quite easy, you just go to their web site, and it guides you through the process. We had made our reservations for late morning, and the return trip for the last run of the day, 10:00 PM. We were still on Utah time, so that made getting there easy, the ride from Anacortes to Friday Harbor takes about one hour, but the ride home, come to find out, takes over two because the last run hits all of the San Juan islands, letting people off for the night, and picking people up for the return to Anacortes. So we never made it back to Anacortes until midnight Washington time, then the hour drive back to Coupeville, we got back to the little home we had rented at 2:00 AM Utah time, it was a long day, but well worth it.
It was an interesting ride, both to and from San Juan Island, we met new people, got to listen to some nice music provided by a small band, I wish I could remember their name, the music had a kind of Celtic feel to it!
On the way there we went out onto the deck to watch the smaller islands go by as we sailed along, but it was cold, and trying to rain on us, which would prove to be the menu of the day as far as weather was concerned.
We seen many interesting things, one of the more interesting things, at least to me, were the Red Foxes that are on the island, from what I understand they are not indigenous to the island, and had been brought there several years ago, anyway they were like dogs, they would com right up to your car, and look at you. On one occasion I was set up on a little mound hoping to get photographs of the cattle point lighthouse, as I was waiting for the sky to clear, it never did, this little red fox came right up the trail, looked at me for a minute then headed off through the long grass to the coast.
As we waited out the rain, and the overcast skies, we decided to head back to Friday Harbor so we would be there to catch the ferry back to Anacortes, and home.
As we walked along the sidewalks in Friday Harbor, the sun began to set, as the rain storm ended, and the skies cleared. The lights of the harbor came on, reflecting in the still waters of the harbor that were protected from the Pacific Ocean. As the waves came and went boats gently rocked, the docks rose and fell, the sky clearing from gray to blue, it was a beautiful night along the boardwalk that lines the harbor just north of the ferry landing.

What a beautiful ending to an eventful trip around San Juan Island.


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