Timp First Light

Timp First Light

Mount Timpanogos, considered by many to be the "jewel of the Wasatch" looms large over the cities of Alpine, and Highland on the Wasatch front, and the beautiful Heber valley on the Wasatch back.

Part of the Wasatch mountain range of the Rockies as they run through Utah,  Mount Timpanogos raises to a height of 11,752 feet, it has several peeks, North Timpanogos, South Timpanogos, Forgotten peak, and Razorback Ridge, it is truly a majestic mountain, it even sports it's own glacier, the only one in Utah!

Timpanogos has several hiking trails, and can be accessed from several different locations in Utah, along the Alpine loop, if you are ever in the area in the summer months you owe it to yourself to take a drive along the Alpine loop, you can either access the loop from Provo canyon just above Sundance ski area, or from the American fork side of the mountain.

I have taken several photographs of  "Timp" but this is my favorite, there is an 8' photograph of this hanging in the Heber City Public safety building.

This view of Timp was taken from Mill Canyon, just off of the Alpine loop as it makes it's way to Cascade springs, and on to the Heber valley.

I took several trips to Mill canyon hoping to catch Timp bathed in perfect light, along with the beginning colors of fall, on this particular morning I got up early, loaded up my camera gear into my Polaris Ranger and headed out, up over the foot hills of the Wasatch mountains as they line the Heber valley near Midway Utah, past Cascade springs, and up to Mill Canyon Peak.

Traveling mostly in the dark, I had visions of catching some beautiful clouds bathed in the morning glow of the rising sun, as they hung above the peaks of the mountain.

As luck would have it no clouds on this day, but I still set up my camera planning on doing some test shots, as I was waiting for the first rays of light to strike the peaks of this beauty, just as the morning light began to fall on the mountain the sky started to show these beautiful colors of coral, salmon, and blue, morning's first blush of color, then gone just as fast as it appeared.

This photograph was made by stitching 4 separate photographs together to make one large panoramic photograph.

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